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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Became unbusy this past weekend and enjoyed nature with some phenomenal women. My friend had a planned trip with three of her girlfriends and she asked me if I wanted to join them (how sweet of a friend...I just love me some Theary!:)) I was hesitant to go because I started to think of 1000 things that I could get done (nothing included doing anything for myself nor was any of it of great could wait...period!) and what her friends would be like (they were amazing btw!). Our minds literally will start playing tricks on us when the devil knows that God has some great in store for us. But I took my power back, got out my head and got in my SUV and drove two hours to Blue Ridge to enjoy what was there for ME. And I allowed myself to slow down. I smelled nature. I felt nature. I heard nature. I was more present and aware than I’ve been in a long time. The day was so simple and stress free. I walked barefoot in the mud, with people looking on and I embraced my cellulite and did a swimsuit photo shoot, I slipped in a waterfall and for the first time in a long time, I cared nothing about being dirty, nothing about being judged, nothing about my hair not being perfect. Let's talk about perfect timing...we were not on a schedule and our dinner ended up being right at sunset

...the most beautiful dinner setting I've had in a long time. I was surrounded by warmth and love. Ladies that had never met me a day in their lives loved on me, held my hand when I was afraid that I would fall on my hike, encouraged me and made me feel like I had known them for years. My heart, spirit and soul definitely needed this day.

On my drive there, I asked God what did he want me to get out of this day and more importantly out of my life at this present I sat quietly in my SUV alone I heard his voice so clear, “I have made ALL THINGS NEW!”. I inhaled deeply then exhaled the biggest sigh of relief. God was confirming his word to me. I turned on my spotify typed in "All Things New" and BAM!...the first song that pops up is Travis Greene, "All Things New". The words penetrated my heart and tears began rolling down my eyes, "...fear come just to keep you bound, in this moment you're breaking out...this love, enough...I am making all things new...". God has promised me a life of abundance and He was reassuring me that I need to stand firmly on his word.

Sometimes God has to free us from ourselves because we hold ourselves back from everything this world has to offer. We are consumed with our thoughts. We have some of the most breathtaking moments and we miss them because we are so busy; not fully present and we look back on pictures and can’t even remember what we felt in the moment, what we learned in the moment, everyone that was in our presence at the time...we can’t remember any of it because we were there, but not present at all.

God gives of multiple chances to enjoy his presence as well as the ones we so deeply love. Don’t let your thoughts keep you from being bold, taking risk, living freely, expressing gratitude, believing in your power, exceeding your expectations, dancing the night away, walking in the mud, skipping down the street, being your BEST SELF. Don’t focus on your past...God has promised us that he has already made “All things new” for us.

Sinly, Me, Dohm and Sohn enjoying nature!:-)

Saw this while leaving...beautiful flowers!


My sweet friend & photographer Theary!:-)


On our hike at Fall Branch Falls...breathtaking!

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